Eat Super Foods For Weight Loss


Eat Super Foods For Weight Loss

You may have heard it once or twice (or a billion times!) in various forms of media, or perhaps from that health-enthusiast friend, that ‘super foods’ are the biggest trend in boosting wellbeing. There’s no denying that super foods are dominating the health food industry. Tons of products from foods to beauty and skin care boast their effectiveness in containing super food ingredients. From creating vitality in the body in energy-boosts, cell repair and rejuvenation, metabolism and weight-loss benefits, and other illness and disease fighting properties, there is a range of super foods out there for every purpose. When it comes to weight-loss, there are many options of foods that can greatly assist in the process, as well as giving your body the added benefit for overall health. Here are just 5 of the most SUPER super foods that can help you slim down and stay well.


#1: Avocados

The right kind of fat in a diet are actually beneficial for fat burn and overall weight maintenance. Though it may seem counter-intuitive, the fat found in avocados, for instance, allow the body to stay fuller for longer, curb cravings and lower blood sugar levels. All which are beneficial for those looking to drop the extra pounds.


#2: Oats

Super rich in fiber, as well as dense in nutritional carbohydrates, just one serving (especially in the morning) can help you to feel fuller for longer as well as help to boost your metabolism.


#3: Blueberries

Super high in anti-oxidants, these super food berries are a delicious and sweet option for a snack. They are also low in calories, which makes them a great alternative to other sugary foods, which may otherwise hinder your journey to weight loss.


#4: Broccoli

Eat broccoli in abundance for its protein packed goodness (great for metabolism) as well as being super low in calories.


#5: Almonds

All nuts are a great option for weight loss snacks. Although more dense in calories, they offer tons of vital nutrients and are generally all very high in healthy fats and protein. Almonds in particular are super rich in calcium, just one of the many added health benefits.


/for more nutritional help, advise your local chiropractor!