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Sioux Falls: Chiropractic Care Can Benefit Your Health 0

Caring for your body’s condition is the least you can do for yourself. So if you’re suffering from spinal, neck, head, joint, or other muscular aches then you should consider contacting a local chiropractor. Chiropractic care is virtually always associated with back and neck pain, yet chiropractors can do

Why Your Skin Needs Retinol as Your Skin Ages 0

Your skin starts to lose its natural ability to renew itself as you age. This process causes fine lines, wrinkles and dull looking skin. In today’s skin care market there are many anti-aging products available to help your skin to look smoother and feel younger. One of the most

EMDR Therapy and Healing our Emotional Pain 0

EMDR therapy was discovered in 1987. It is a psycho-therapeutic model for the integration of the cognitive-thinking, emotional-feeling, and physical aspects of the whole person. The process of EMDR deals with the past, present and future simultaneously.   In EMDR therapy the theory is that the brain stores information